Imagine if every file you share could be viewed online, if every desktop, smartphone and tablet could open the files irrespective of the platform they are running. No need to download the files and install third-party apps to view them. Technology should do the work for you.

Jumpshare is a faster way to share your files with advanced file sharing and viewing capabilities. At Jumpshare, we’ve built a solution that makes it possible to view hundreds of file formats online. Every feature is built around the core file sharing experience to make it even better. By focusing on view first, download later, we have effectively made downloading a secondary option.

Why Jumpshare?

File sharing services only transfer files from one point to another, or store them in the cloud and sync them to a desktop. This has remained unchanged over the past few years and that’s why Jumpshare was developed. It’s a faster way to share files where anyone with a link can view the files online without having to open it using third party desktop apps. Jumpshare has effectively made downloading a secondary option.

Who's using Jumpshare?

Designers, programmers, writers, photographers, students, singers, speakers, doctors, engineers, and people all over the World who want to instantly share photos, videos, design mockups, articles, books, audios, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, fonts, code files and more.

Some ways in which Jumpshare is being used:

  • Designers sharing mockups/designs with clients
  • Ad Agencies sharing Advertisements/TV Spots with clients
  • Programmers sharing codes for review
  • Data Miners sharing large spreadsheets
  • Speakers giving presentations to a captivating audience
  • Photographers sharing large photo/video albums with family and friends.